DuraFlex™ Flexible Partial Dentures


DAL is proud to announce the addition of our newest flexible alternative, DuraFlex Flexible Partials. DuraFlex provides several new and unique benefits to both you and your patients, making it our easier flexible alternative.

DuraFlex’s most distinguishing benefit derives from its material makeup, as it is not a nylon base but rather a polyolefin thermoplastic polymer. This material has been used in the medical field for years because of its inert, durable and resistant quality to many chemical solvents, bases and acids. With a water resorption rate that is ten times lower than nylon, DuraFlex is extremely resistant to stain and odors, making it our most durable and color stable flexible solution. In addition, polyolefins are much easier to adjust and polish, and will not gum up when adjusting, making DuraFlex our most convenient and dependable flexible to deliver to your patients.


DuraFlex provides a natural, snap-fit for retention. No tooth or tissue preparation is required. Simply send a master cast poured promptly and carefully from an alginate impression along with opposing model and bite registration.

Shade Selection

DuraFlex comes in three shades – tissue tone pink (standard) produced to remain translucent after processing, a meharry tone and a medium blend.


DuraFlex adjusts more cleanly than nylon thermoplastics so there is no gumming of your instruments. DAL recommends a rubber wheel used lightly for adjustments. Polishing can be accomplished with a 50% course/50% fine pumice using a rag wheel only (no brush wheels). For a high shine, simply use a rag wheel and lightly buff denture (on a slow lathe speed) using Tripoli buffing compound.

Add To/Reline Procedures

All tooth, clasp, or saddle additions/repairs must be completed in the laboratory using DuraFlex thermoplastic. DAL can rebase, reproduce, repair and add teeth to DuraFlex. If a reline is indicated, simply remove all adhesives from the tissue side of the partial and take a rubber base wash impression in a closed mouth position. Then take an alginate pickup impression, pour immediately and send to the laboratory.


Educate Your Patients on the Benefits of Flexible Partials with a Free DAL DuraFlex Patient Education Kit!

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DuraFlex is a trademark of the Myerson Tooth Company.