Stacked Porcelain Restorations

STACKED-PORCELAIN-HEADER-IMAGECustom layered stacked porcelain restorations offer you and your patients the ultimate in conservative esthetic treatment when prescribing porcelain veneers and matching single unit crowns. This process uses a traditional feldspathic porcelain that is stacked and fired in layers to form a custom layered crown or veneer.

DAL uses a direct refractory technique in which porcelain is layered and custom shaded directly on a refractory model. Underlying dark colors of the natural tooth can be blocked out with opacious dentins and body porcelains when necessary. This technique allows our technicians to build in custom-layered color and shading with a minimal tooth preparation of .3-.8 mm. This conservative amount of tooth preparation allows the dentist to stay in enamel over 95% of the tooth, ensuring long term bond strength.


Porcelain veneers and single crowns (bicuspid forward)


Not to be used when greater than 2.0 mm of unsupported porcelain is required or when maximum strength is required


Enamel-dentin adhesive bonding system