DAL EZ Esthetic Zirconia

EZ-ESTHETIC-HEADER-IMAGEDAL is proud to offer you our own brand of zirconia restorations, DAL EZ Esthetic Zirconia. Like all zirconia restorations, DAL EZ provides you with outstanding esthetics, predictable pricing and digital consistency with every case. Translucent, shaded zirconia frameworks using CAD/CAM Esthetic Zirconia result in beautifully vital esthetics that exceeds those of PFM’s. With DAL EZ, there is no metal to show through the ceramic and no unsightly black lines at the gingival.

DAL EZ Esthetic Zirconia Advantages

  • Premium Noritake layering or press over porcelain for vital, translucent esthetics
  • Accurate shades with elimination of brightness (excess value)
  • Elimination of graying at the margin
  • Precision CAD/CAM milling process for consistently exceptional marginal fit
  • Strength and durability of a PFM…with proven clinical performance using Noritake press over porcelain
  • Great biocompatibility
  • Conventional cementation



Single crowns and bridgework up to 16 units for the anterior and posterior region


Not recommended with a feather edge preparation, as it does not provide adequate room for porcelain build-up, or the trough/“gutter” shoulder because of scanning error potential


Traditional cementation or adhesive bonding

Preparation Guidelines

For preparation guidelines, please refer to our DAL EZ Esthetic Zirconia Prep Guide.