DAL Monodont® Bridge

Serving your patients that present with a single missing tooth has always been a challenge. The cost of traditional alternatives may lead some of your patients to the least desirable choice – living without a replacement tooth. Consider the higher level of service you can bring to your patients with the DAL Monodont Bridge – a conservative, affordable alternative for single-tooth replacement.

The DAL Monodont Bridge is the ideal treatment alternative to a three-unit bridge, an acrylic flipper partial, a Maryland Bridge or a single tooth implant. This unique bridge is available in two premium finishes – an acrylic pontic for cost efficiency and durability or a Premise Indirect™ pontic for ideal anterior esthetics.

The pontic on the DAL Monodont Bridge is supported by a patented gold plated, stainless steel framework. The framework has small retentive “wings” on each side that are bonded into the undercut rest preps on the adjacent abutment teeth. Requiring minimal tooth preparation, this affordable alternative is available for both anterior and posterior applications.

A simple two-appointment procedure! At the first appointment, simply take impressions (including the opposing arch), take a bite registration, and record a denture tooth shade. We will return the Monodont Bridge with a DAL Monodont Prep Guide and Pontic Positioning Stent to be used for prep and positioning during the seating appointment. Additionally, DAL includes a free Brasseler 38 Inverted Cone Diamond with each DAL Monodont Bridge to help you properly prepare the undercut rest preps.

For complete information, please refer to our DAL Monodont Bridge Tech Sheet.

Plus, call us today at 1-800-227-4142 to request a free DAL Monodont Bridge Clinical Sequence CD!

Monodont is a registered trademark of the EastFlex Corporation.
Premise Indirect is a trademark of the Kerr Corporation.