Our articles were written by some of the top dental clinicians in the United States. These pieces provide you with useful information about today’s most innovative and proven restorative products and techniques.

Dr. Robert Lowe – Captek Nano™

“Better Esthetics, Biology and Strength can be standard when balancing three clinical and laboratory factors…Margin Placement, Margin Design and Coping Design with new Captek Nano materials.”

This article, written by Dr. Robert Lowe of Charlotte, NC, discusses perfect margin placement for maximum esthetics and health.

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Dr. Gary Radz – Partial Prep Veneers

“Porcelain Laminate Veneer Therapy – Ultra-thin veneer options using no-prep or partial-prep philosophy.”

This article, written by Dr. Gary Radz of Denver, CO, discusses the ethics and advantages of no-prep and partial prep veneers.

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Dr. Glenn E. DuPont – Occlusal Stability

“Achieving Occlusal Stability”

This article, written by Dr. Glenn E. DuPont of Saint Petersburg, FL, discusses the requirements for occlusal stability and the systematic protocol for achieving it.

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DAL News & Education – Issue 1

Featuring Dr. John Cranham

The first issue of our DAL News & Education series includes an article by Dr. John Cranham entitled “Lithium Disilicate: A Viable Replacement for Traditional PFM’s.” The newsletter also includes product profiles on IPS e.max restorations and Valplast flexible partials.

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DAL News & Education – Issue 2

Featuring Dr. Leonard Hess

dal newsThis issue includes an article by Dr. Leonard Hess entitled “DuraFlex – The New Premium Flexible Partial Denture.” The newsletter also includes articles on the Equipoise System, bite splints, the TAP 3 Elite Appliance and full contour monolithic zirconia restorations.

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