About the Dawson Academy

Dental Arts Laboratory and The Dawson Academy
“Our purpose at the Dawson Academy is to share what we have learned with dental professionals striving to provide quality, complete care to their patients. It is our hope that we can bring knowledge to your understanding of the masticatory system.”
Dr. Peter E. Dawson
Founder & Director

A Community of Learning…A Purpose Unchanged

After nearly 30 years of educating dental professionals, the Dawson Academy remains committed to our original mission – to create a community of learned professionals who explore possibilities, and share knowledge and experiences to benefit patients and advance dentistry. Founder Dr. Peter E. Dawson has assembled an interdisciplinary faculty comprised of leading practitioners who offer relevant, engaging instruction to dental professionals. The Dawson Academy instructors are practicing dentists, technicians, assistants and hygienists who have implemented the Dawson teachings in their own practices and bring that real-world experience and everyday patient issues back to the classroom. Through our educational programs, students have gained the knowledge and skills to achieve significant advancements in diagnosis and treatment planning.

While our world and our profession change constantly, our purpose remains unchanged. Our entire team is dedicated to providing scientifically grounded, clinically proven training to the dental profession, while continuously studying, researching and practicing what we teach.

Graduates Prepared for Complete Dentistry

Receiving instruction rooted in the concept of “complete dentistry,” graduates of the Dawson Academy reach a higher level of understanding and skill, and are prepared to apply new principles to dentistry. Through our meaningful instruction, graduates recognize that complete dentistry – understanding and exploring the complete masticatory system – is the essential key to optimal diagnosis, treatment planning, practice efficiency and patient care.

As a Dawson Academy graduate, you – and your patients – can rest assured that the knowledge you gain, and the skills and techniques you acquire as a member of the Dawson Academy Community of Learning, are validated not only by extensive, published research, but also by the lasting results achieved by our faculty and students for over 50 years.

A Compelling Curriculum

The Dawson Academy has designed its curriculum to be a complete methodology for general dentists, specialists and the entire dental team; our ultimate goal being to help students develop a highly effective, efficient practice. Successful graduates demonstrate clinical confidence and are able to increase production and reduce debt. We strive to help students create their dream practice while finding balance with their professional and personal lives.

Today, The Dawson Academy offers education programming in four key learning tracks:

I. Core Curriculum
II. Advanced Restorative Electives
III. Dental Medicine
IV. Practice and Professional Growth