DAL Occlusal Splints

OCCLUSAL-SPLINTS-HEADER-IMAGEDAL occlusal splints are processed with Flexite MP injected clear resin featuring full coverage with flat, even opposing contacts, canine rise and posterior disclusion. Our premium splints can be fabricated on either arch and modified to your exact design requirements and construction bite registration.

Flexite MP Super Clear Splint with Soft Talon

Flexite MP Super Clear Splints with Soft Talon are custom waxed to your exact specifications and injected in Flexite clear resin with the addition of an inner layer of Talon soft thermoplastic material. This splint offers superior fracture resistance and exhibits exceptional clarity. Talon softens when warmed to provide exceptional comfort for the patient and easy delivery for the dentist. Canine guidance and posterior disclusion are standard unless otherwise specified.

Flexite MP Super Clear Hard Splint

These splints are the same as the Flexite MP Super Clear Hard/Soft Splints without the soft Talon.

Talon Soft Splints

Talon Soft Splints are fabricated to the same standards as Flexite MP except the entire splint is constructed from Talon soft thermoplastic. This splint is not as durable as the Flexite material and should be viewed as a customized version of a soft mouthguard.

Clinical Procedures for Splints and Nightguards

All DAL splints and nightguards require a sharp, clean fabrication impression or model which extends at least 5 mm past labial/buccal margins and 10 mm past lingual margins and a proper opposing model. Please provide an open construction bite registration. This can be easily recorded by placing two cotton rolls behind the cuspids and instructing the patient to close. With the patient closed into this open bite, inject bite registration into the posterior openings of both quadrants. Your casts will be articulated to the construction bite registration or to the natural bite if no registration is provided.