ZQuiet® Pro-Plus


The ZQuiet Pro-Plus is an FDA cleared oral appliance for the treatment of snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. This device incorporates oral physiology into multiple design elements that simply and effectively increase airflow and maximize patient comfort.


Anterior Space

The low profile design of the device components is minimally invasive allowing for maximum intraoral space. There are no bulky hinges, posts, or mechanical hardware to interfere with the mouth opening or impede reflexive travel of the tongue. More reflexive movement of the tongue means less mandibular advancement and less stress on the tempromandibular joint (TMJ).

zquiet lingual ramps copyblue

Lingual Ramps

Bilateral ramps on the lingual surface provide support and activate involuntary reflexes that facilitate the upward and forward position of the tongue.


zquiet vertical openingblack

Vertical Opening

The occlusal aspects on the mandibular orthotic are fashioned to increase the vertical inter-incisal dimension. No single vertical dimension is appropriate for every individual, and the clinician can specify the vertical dimension to optimize performance for each patient.

zquiet omega loopOmega Loop

Appliances that cross the palatial midline restrict cranial-sacral movement, a physiologic tenet of osteopathic medicine. The use of a midline anterior omega loop allows for the expression of this very subtle palatal expansion and contraction. This feature is extremely important for reducing headaches commonly associated with oral appliance use.


zquiet FinButtress copy

Fin & Buttress

Stabilizing the muscles that attach to the hyoid helps mantain pharyngeal airway patency. The obtuse angle bias of the fin and buttress junction necessitates anterior movement of the condylar mechanism in the tempromandibular joint, therefore when the mouth opens the jaw must translate anteriority.

The titrating screws located in the mandibular fin provide the capacity to individualize the anterior advancement of the
mandible. Placement of the screw in the fin does not compromise
tongue posture or impinge on the oral compartment.

ZQuiet is a registered trademark of Sleeping Well, LLC.