Spark Erosion Electro-Machined Restorations

SPARK-EROSION-HEADER-IMAGEThroughout the world, dentists and their patients praise the Spark Erosion System from DAL for its unique design, versatility, precision fit and long-term durability. Spark Erosion technology is a highly advanced system for producing the ultimate in combination fixed/removable precision partial dentures, crown and bridgework, and implant prosthetics. Using precise electro-machine milling and electro-machined attachment applications, Spark Erosion is ideal for implant reconstruction and is indicated for the maxillary/mandibular full arch and partial trauma case reconstruction.

This implant supported restoration features a double bar design consisting of a fixed/detachable primary bar with a removable secondary bridge. This combination of fixed primary bar and removable secondary bridge provides the patient with a rigid, fixed restoration with these unique advantages:

  • Maximum esthetic (tissue adaptation) and phonetic (ridge lap) design
  • Maximum strength and overall stability, ideal for the Class II and III jaw relationship and bruxism
  • Precision double bar design allows for correction of compromised abutment location
  • Removable secondary bridge for hygiene access
  • Versatile, patient friendly attachment design
  • Absolute parallelism
  • Compatible with all implant systems

For a detailed clinical appointment sequence, please refer to our Spark Erosion Step-by-Step Guide.

Clinical Case

Spark Erosion Trauma Case
Case by Dr. Robert T. Stoner of Indianapolis, IN