Removable Implant Prosthetics

REMOVABLE-IMPLANT-PROS-HEADER-IMAGEYou can call upon our many years of case planning and design theory when prescribing the optimal removable implant restoration. Our staff is experienced in all phases of attachment applications (ERA®, Locator® and hader clip), milled and CAD/CAM abutment/bar designs, and Spark Erosion electro-machining technology, ensuring that you and your patient receive the most highly esthetic and functional design possible.

Below is a list of our removable implant design alternatives.

Removable Design Alternatives

Fixed/Detachable Hybrid Veneer Bridge

The original fixed/detachable hybrid veneer bridge features a premium finish around a screw-retained cast base. Read More

All-On-4® Fixed/Detachable

The All-on-4® technique allows the patient to receive a full fixed screw-retained bridge on as few as four dental implants, often with the same delivery. Read More

DAL Implant Borne Bridge (IBB)

The DAL Implant Borne Bridge (IBB) is a fixed/removable implant borne bridge that features a premium finish with a “feathered flange design” for maximum esthetics and patient comfort. Read More

Locator Bar Overdenture

When a situation calls for an overdenture bar, the Locator bar attachment’s patented pivoting technology provides for pivotal resilience, self-aligning features, superb retention and exceptional durability, all in a low profile design. Read More

Overdenture with Locator Attachments

The Locator implant attachment with pivoting technology is the premier system for implant-retained overdentures. Read More

ERA is a registered trademark of Sterngold. Locator is a registered trademark of Zest Anchors.