Dental Implant Planning

IDENT-HEADER-IMAGEComputer Guided Surgery

DAL provides case planning services with state-of-the-art products and services from CAD to CAM, from implant abutment to final crown, from temporary restoration to highly esthetic prosthetics. Additionally, DAL provides you with two excellent services for guided surgery, allowing you to find the optimal implant position, from both a surgical and prosthetic perspective.

iDent Scan2Guide™ Service

Scan2Guide is iDent’s primary planning software for use by dentist end users. This application allows dentists to plan the clinical aspects of the treatment plan without the need to deal with the technical aspects of the operation of the software.

How the Process Works

CT image data is processed in Scan2Guide, providing the dentist with a user-friendly interface for viewing the anatomy of the implant site. The software allows the dentist to confidently plan the optimal, prosthetically driven location for dental implants, taking into account anatomical, functional and esthetic considerations. The treatment plan decided upon is then transmitted to DAL, a licensed iDent Surgical Laboratory, for the digital fabrication of an iGuide™ corresponding to the virtual treatment plan created in Scan2Guide. Two appliances are available from DAL to facilitate the process: CT Scanning Appliance and iGuide Surgical Placement Guide.

Straumann® CARES® Guided Surgery

Straumann CARES Guided Surgery allows the dentist to find the optimal implant position from both a surgical and prosthetic prospective. 3D (CB) CT data contains more anatomical information than conventional 2D radiographs. This additional information for planning the implant position, together with the DAL fabricated scan and surgical template, give you confidence during the surgical procedure.

DAL is a Certified Straumann CARES Guided Surgery Laboratory and has the gonyX® for the proper fabrication of the surgical template. Straumann CARES Guided Surgery is an open system both in terms of software and hardware. coDiagnostiX™ allows you to plan implants for over forty implant manufacturers. The Straumann Guided Surgery Instrument Kit is compatible with several commercially available software systems.codiagnostix pic

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