Premium Dentures

DENTURE-HEADER-IMAGEDAL offers you patient-individualized premium denture service featuring Portrait® IPN® teeth and Lucitone® HIPA processing for maximum strength, fit and retention. We are trained in the Massad Denture Technique and promote the application of the DAL Predictable Denture Technique featuring:

  • Alameter and Papillameter recordings to communicate incisal position of the anterior teeth.ALAMETER-PAPILLAMTR-IN-TEXT
  • DAL Unibase Permanent Base – a permanent processed denture base that is used throughout the entire appointment sequence. This base allows you to assess the borders of the denture base and make modifications early in the fabrication process.
  • ARRANGEMENT GUIDE-IN-TEXTDAL Individualized Anterior Arrangement Guide – DAL and Dentsply have created a photographically illustrated guide to assist our customers with visual communication of the various anterior setup alternatives. There are four basic form classifications with a total of 24 anterior arrangements to choose from. Call us today to request your free chairside copy.

For complete information on the DAL Predictable Denture Technique, please refer to our DAL Removables Tech Sheet.

Ivocap is a registered trademark of Ivoclar Vivadent Inc.
Portrait IPN is a registered trademark of DENTSPLY International.