Lava™ & Lava Plus Zirconia

LAVA-HEADER-IMAGEThe Lava All-Ceramic System from 3M ESPE is an innovative CAD/CAM technology for all-ceramic crowns and bridges on a zirconium oxide base. The esthetics and biocompatibility of Lava restorations represent the optimum in all-ceramic systems.

Lava preparations require removal of less tooth structure and cementation can be accomplished using proven, conventional techniques. Colorable frameworks that are thin and translucent ensure a natural and vital appearance. Lava provides one of the most durable and esthetic all-ceramic restorations.


Single crowns and bridgework up to 3-4 units for the anterior and posterior region


Not recommended with a feather edge preparation, as it does not provide adequate room for porcelain build-up, or the trough/“gutter” shoulder because of scanning error potential


Traditional cementation or adhesive bonding

Lava is a trademark of 3M ESPE.