Diagnostic & Case Planning Services

DIAGNOSTIC-CASE-PLANNING-HEADERDAL is dedicated to our role as your partner in providing predictable, high esthetic restorative solutions. That’s why we are committed to continuing education with organizations such as the Dawson Academy, Spear Education, Dr. Robert Lowe and Dr. Lou Graham’s Catapult University, and Dr. Gary Radz’s Snow Mountain Seminars. This commitment means you are working with a staff of extensively trained technicians using the most progressive case design strategy.

Our clinical expertise is applied to our Diagnostic and Case Planning Services. Proper case planning is an essential component of successful treatment strategy and enables you to achieve consistent, predictable results. Whether you are prescribing a full arch case or a single tooth replacement, pre-treatment planning can provide the most customized approach to your patients’ needs and can assist you in proper material selection. DAL is trained and highly experienced in offering you the following tools to assist you in all phases of planning.

Mounted Diagnostic Casts

DAL will mount your casts and die pin the model to allow you to analyze each tooth’s function in the treatment plan.





Diagnostic Wax-up

DIAGNOSTIC-WAXUP-IN-TEXTA diagnostic wax-up is prepared on a stone model detailing the design for proper function and tooth form. The diagnostic wax-up can be fabricated with traditional diagnostic monochromatic wax or, for an additional fee, with tooth coloring and layered incisals. A characterized tissue wax-up can also be provided enhancing the presentation to the patient while detailing any soft tissue modifications necessary. Patients can literally see their new smile and you can ensure more predictable results with this proper case planning tool.

Custom Temporaries

CUSTOM-TEMPORARIES-IN-TEXTIf preferred, DAL is qualified to supply you with custom temporaries that are fabricated from the diagnostic wax-up. Simply request temporaries when prescribing your diagnostic wax-up.


Preparation Template

PREP TEMP IN TEXTA preparation template can be fabricated from the diagnostic wax-up using a transparent plastic. This template can be used to visually measure tooth reduction for predictable results. Simply seat the template over the prepared teeth to ensure adequate clearance has been provided for the technician to fabricate the case.

Putty Matrix for Chairside Temps

PUTTY MATRIX IN TEXTAdditionally, a putty matrix can be prepared of the diagnostic wax-up for easy and predictable fabrication of chairside temporaries. (An impression matrix with tray can also be substituted for the putty.)