cubeONE®…The “Perfect” Zirconia

cubeONE, the next generation of zirconia, is the “perfect” blend of high translucency and high strength. The new cubeONE material combines the maximum strength of full strength BioZX2 zirconia with the translucency of the ultra-translucent cubeX2 zirconia, making it the ideal choice for all tooth positions and bridgework up to 14 units.*

* Maximum of two teeth per pontic span

cubeONE Benefits

• High Flexural Strength of >1,250 MPa’s
• Maximum Fracture Toughness of 10.0 (K1C Value), Matching Full Strength Zirconia
• Phase Toughening Effect for High Impact Resistance
• Conventional Cementation

The Evolution of Today’s Zirconia

• Generation 1. BioZX2
The traditional full strength zirconia options which were initially established in the dental field, like BioZX², can be grouped together as 3Y TZP ceramics. These materials feature a 3% yttria oxide formulation, providing maximum strength (>1,250 MPa’s of flexural strength/8.3 K1C fracture toughness) with approximately 40% translucency.
• Generation 2. cubeX²
This Ultra-Translucent Zirconia was introduced to the dental market in 2016 as a translucent cubic 5Y TZP ceramic. cubeX² features a 5% yttria oxide formulation, providing a maximum 49% translucency with median strength (>750 MPa’s of flexural strength/10.0 K1C fracture toughness).
• Generation 3. cubeONE
The new cubeONE is a third generation zirconia that blends the best features of the first two generations…ideal translucent esthetics with maximum strength. cubeONE is a 4Y TZP formulation, providing a 45% translucency, maximum strength (>1,250 MPa’s of flexural strength), and an increased 10.0 K1C fracture toughness. Additionally, cubeONE features the original Phase Toughening Effect for high impact resistance that is characteristic of the first generation full strength zirconia materials.


cubeONE is ideal when maximum strength is required with added translucency
• Conventional and Implant Retained Single Unit Restorations in All Tooth Positions and Long Span Bridgework Up to 14 Units (maximum of two teeth per pontic span)
• Monolithic and Layered

Preparation Requirements

cubeONE requires less tooth preparation than is required for lithium disilicate. Ideally, a .8 mm chamfer or rounded shoulder prep is preferred, however a feather-edge margin is acceptable with 1.0 – 1.5 mm occlusal reduction.


Research has shown that saliva contamination can hinder the bonding of zirconia based products. When a zirconia crown or bridge is tried in the patient’s mouth and comes in contact with saliva, the phosphate groups in the saliva bind to the zirconia oxide and cannot be rinsed out with water. Attempting to use phosphoric acid (which is full of
phosphate groups) to ‘clean out’ the saliva only makes the problem worse.
To successfully remove saliva, it is now suggested that after try-in and before priming, the crown should be cleaned with Ivoclean, a zirconia oxide solution from Ivoclar Vivadent. This zirconia oxide solution is placed inside the restoration for 20 seconds and then rinsed out. Due to the large concentration of free zirconia oxide in the Ivoclean, it acts as a sponge and binds to the phosphate groups that were previously bonded to the restoration.

Suggested Cementation Protocol:
1. Try-in zirconia-based restoration
2. Rinse saliva out of restoration with water
3. Place Ivoclean in restoration for 20 seconds, rinse and dry
4. Apply primer and then cement with product of your choice

Cementation Recommendations:
• Ceramir® Crown & Bridge (Doxa Dental) or a resin-reinforced glass ionomer cement such as RelyX™ Luting Cement (3M ESPE) or GC Fuji Plus™ (GC America)
• For short or over-tapered preparations, use a resin cement such as RelyX Unicem (3M ESPE) or Panavia™ F2.0 (Kuraray)

Finishing and Polishing

DAL recommends the Brasseler USA® Dialite® ZR Kit for finishing and polishing cubeONE zirconia. This two-step system allows you to quickly achieve maximum surface smoothness, enhancing your restoration’s longevity and minimizing wear to opposing dentition.


For complete information, please refer to our cubeONE Zirconia Tech Sheet.

cubeONE is a registered trademark of Dental Direkt.

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