DAL Esthetic Rendition Partial Dentures


Fabricated using premium Vitallium® 2000 Plus alloy, each DAL Esthetic Rendition partial is cast with a precise, delicate design element to provide the most esthetic and comfortable experience for your patients. DAL is a certified Equipoise® system laboratory providing you with the unique back-action clasp design that preserves abutment teeth while eliminating unsightly clasps on the buccal or labial surfaces. Each case is processed and finished with our Esthetic Rendition Tissue Process to provide natural soft tissue simulation.

For additional information and guidelines for achieving quality patient records, please refer to our DAL Esthetic Rendition Tech Sheet.

Plus, click here to download a prescription created specifically for DAL Esthetic Rendition Restorations.

Vitallium is a registered trademark of DENTSPLY International.
Equipoise is a registered trademark of the Equipoise Dental Institute.