DAL Esthetic Rendition Full Dentures


3 er imagesWe understand that each patient’s situation is unique. Consequently, we take great pride in establishing highly individualized tooth arrangements with each DAL Esthetic Rendition tooth set up to create a natural, functionally correct, highly esthetic smile. Based on your initial patient records, anterior tooth selection and tooth arrangements are evolved to fit the patient’s gender, age and personality. Posterior arrangements are based on your preferences for occlusion and the patient’s diagnostic/clinical findings. Each case is waxed to simulate natural soft tissue replacement with proper inter-dental papillae design, root eminences, buccinator support where needed, and natural rugae replication in the palate.

For additional information and guidelines for achieving quality patient records, please refer to our DAL Esthetic Rendition Tech Sheet.

Plus, click here to download a prescription created specifically for DAL Esthetic Rendition Restorations.