Captek Nano™

Captek Nano is the contemporary gold PFM of choice. It is a metal-ceramic restoration that has many advantages over traditional PFM’s. The warmth of the underlying gold-colored, precious metal coping enhances the vitality of the bake-on porcelains and yields pleasing esthetic results even with conservative tooth reduction.

The unique structure of the Captek (capillary technology) “composite metal” is the core reason this restoration’s esthetic qualities are matched with strength, versatility and plaque resistance. Internally, a uniquely designed skeleton of strong, stable platinum/palladium particles support the yellow gold, providing proven strength and durability. Clinically proven to reduce plaque and bacteria in the sulcus, Captek’s oxide-free, warm gold color eliminates dark margins and produces a PFM restoration that looks vital and blends in naturally. For complete information, please refer to our Captek Tech Sheet.


Anterior and posterior single crowns, bridgework up to 5 units, implant retained crown and bridgework, veneers and single crowns (bicuspid forward)


Not to be used with bridgework greater than 5 units or in bridgework requiring more than 2 pontics in a high stress area


Traditional cementation

Additional Captek Resources

The Captek Material Selection Guide explains when to use each of the three available Captek Nano Materials – Captek Nano Bridge and Implant, Captek Nano Esthetic Zone, and Captek Nano Universal.

The Captek Preparation/Cementation Guide includes in-depth preparation guidelines and cementation guidelines for Captek restorations.

Captek Nano is a trademark of Precious Chemicals Company, Inc.