Dr. Leonard A. Hess, Monroe, NC

Dr. Leonard Hess


“I have worked with DAL now for over 12 years. I must say they are second to none. They are a company committed to quality, technology, and constant improvement through education. They make me look good!”

Dr. Gary Radz, Denver, CO

Dr. Gary Radz

“For almost 20 years I’ve had a terrific relationship with DAL. It’s a quality lab with quality people, and they are always on the leading edge of technology. Whenever I’m looking to venture into the newest technology I know I can go to DAL for advice and guidance. In addition, the DAL Signature Restorations division has the education and the talent I require for my most challenging cases. I enjoy working with them as a team to create the best outcome possible.”

Dr. Robert A. Lowe, Charlotte, NC

Dr. Robert Lowe

“I have worked with Scott Clark, Jeff Stubblefield, and the team at DAL for over 15 years. DAL continues to offer the latest technologies in restorative materials to fit the needs of my aesthetic and reconstructive practice. Their technical expertise and artistry have helped me deliver thousands of excellent dental restorations to my patients over the years. I am thankful to have Dental Arts Laboratories on my team.”

Dr. Michael D. Danner, Pekin, IL

Dr. Michael Danner
“Dental Arts Laboratories is a top notch lab. Great customer service that is truly personalized to your needs. The technicians at Dental Arts are artists! It really is wonderful to have such a great lab on your team. Dental Arts makes a difference.”

Dr. Michael J. Bentley and Dr. Margaret R. Johnson
Creve Coeur, IL

“Dental Arts Laboratories has played an integral role in the success of our practice. The technical support of the professional DAL staff facilitates our ability to offer the appropriate restorative care for patients.

Dr. Todd Bonin, Houston, TX

Dr. Todd Bonin


“DAL does some incredible and beautiful full cut zirconia work with materials that look very natural and more translucent than those from some other laboratories. I send most of my zirconia work all the way to Illinois! Good work guys!”