Fixed and Removable Implant Restorative

SIGNATURE IMPLANTOur specialized implant department provides you with the most experienced technical resource in the United States for all phases of implant reconstruction. We offer three custom milled abutments to choose from (titanium, zirconia and zirconia with a titanium base) and an extensive line of prosthetic crown options to best meet the needs of your patients. And to ensure that you can provide predictable price quotations to your patients, all of our fixed and removable restorative options are priced complete to include a soft tissue model, implant analogs, abutment screws, and the custom abutment or milled titanium bar with the final prosthesis.

Fixed Implant Packages

• Abutment with Noble PFM
• Abutment with IPS e.max®
• Abutment with PFZ (porcelain fused to zirconia)
• Abutment with BioZX2, cubeX2, cubeONE® or cubeONE ML Full Contour Zirconia

Removable Implant Packages

• Locator Overdenture
• Locator Bar with Overdenture
• Fixed/Detachable Hybrid
• All-On-4® Fixed/Detachable Hybrid
• DAL Implant Borne Bridge (IBB)