DAL Signature Restorations

SIGNATURE-INTRO-IMAGEDAL Signature Restorations laboratory is a division of Dental Arts Laboratories, Inc. dedicated to providing high performance, highly esthetic restorative services. Our distinctive services include 8-10 layered ceramic restorations, our premium DAL Esthetic Rendition line of removables, fixed and removable implant prosthetics, and splint fabrication. Additionally, we specialize in cosmetic and worn dentition cases, diagnostic wax-ups and all phases of treatment planning.

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Our DAL Signature Restorations team consists of eighteen highly skilled dental technical staff who are trained in and dedicated to the concepts of occlusion and esthetics set forth by the Dawson Academy and Spear Education. Furthermore, our laboratory is a member of the Dawson Academy Laboratory Association and we attend all of their lecture courses and hands-on workshops as the technical faculty support team. This designation represents the highest level of comprehensive, full service dental laboratory support available in dentistry today. Among the requirements for Dawson Academy Laboratory Association members are designated board certified technicians in each of seven key departments (ceramics, crown and bridge, full and partial denture, implant prosthetics, model prep, CAD/CAM technology and diagnostic waxing) who have completed the basic Dawson Academy curriculum. Only three laboratories in the country hold this distinction.