DAL Scholarship Program

Earn a Dawson Scholarship from DAL!

The Dawson Academy has aligned with us at DAL to offer you a scholarship that will reimburse you for the cost of one of their Core Curriculum lecture courses or will help to offset the cost of one of the hands-on courses. By prescribing $16,500 in new casework with DAL, you will qualify for a laboratory credit of $1695. This savings can then be used towards your tuition at any Dawson seminar, including the hands-on courses.

Here’s How to Get Started…

  • To enroll in the Scholarship Program, please contact Lynda Lofgren at DAL at 1-800-227-4142.
  • Then, simply choose your preferred Dawson Core Curriculum seminar and register for it by calling the Dawson Academy directly at 1-800-952-2178 or visiting the Dawson Academy website at www.TheDawsonAcademy.com.
  • Once you have reached the program requirement of $16,500 in new laboratory services, DAL will apply a laboratory credit of $1695 to your account.