Core Curriculum Lecture Courses

The curriculum at the Dawson Academy has been developed as a complete plan for general dentists, specialists and dental practice team members striving to develop a highly effective practice. The courses have been designed to clarify the concepts and provide hands-on-training in the skills that are needed to practice master-quality, complete dentistry.

Success in today’s fee-for-service environment requires competencies in a triad of skills: diagnostic, clinical and organizational. The classes at the Dawson Academy have been built around the need to develop these competencies and are structured to meet needs in all three areas.

Core Curriculum Hands-on Courses

Our hands-on classes at the Dawson Academy are limited in enrollment to afford participants the maximum opportunity to practice the skills in a hands-on format.

We utilize state-of-the-art learning techniques to ensure that students go beyond just understanding principles to actually being able to implement the concepts and skills in their practices.